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Cutting edge CT testing in a relaxing atmosphere


Ramat Aviv Medical Center in conjunction with Philips has installed the first imaging system of its kind in Israel. The equipment employs a holistic approach which views the therapeutic environment as having a strong impact on the quality of care.

The “Ambient Experience” perception is unique in Israel and integrates a CT scanner of the most advanced kind available with a relaxing medical environment. As the CT is carried out, patients can watch and listen to pleasant relaxing clips and music projected onto the walls and ceiling of the testing room.

Research conducted in hospitals and imaging units abroad shows that patients express greater satisfaction from tests using latest generation CT scanners produced by Philips.

Since the test’s success relies on accurate, high quality CT images:
  • At Ramat Aviv Medical Center we use the CT scanner produced by Philips, and is the latest word in its field.
  • The device is operated on the basis of precise, up to date medical protocols.
  • The Imaging Unit team includes the best senior doctors who work in accordance with the relevant procedures.

 Latest generation CT scanners 

CT stands for COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY. X-rays scan the body and create a detailed internal 3-dimensional image.

CT testing assists in diagnosis and supervision of diverse health issues, such as cancer, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, congenital diseases, and more.

Before carrying out a medical procedure, the CT scan can be used to precisely evaluate the situation and allow specialists to reach a treatment program.

Ramat Aviv Medical Center carries out precise scanning of various body parts such as brain, neck, abdomen, stomach and pelvis, spine, bone structure, jaws and more.

The imaging system at Ramat Aviv Medical Center offers the most advanced tests available: angiography for blood vessels, virtual colonoscopy, atherosclerosis, low radiation lung scans, and more.

What is a CT scan?

The scan is an external procedure, in most cases it lasts no more than several seconds. The time spent by a patient in the test room is between 5 to 20 minutes.

Following the test, our radiologists decode the data produced by the CT scanner.

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