AML Israel is the largest private laboratory in Israel, providing comprehensive services to the public. Founded in 1983, AML is the only private laboratory approved by the National Authority for Certification of Laboratories in accordance with Standard 5189, the international standard for medical laboratories. The laboratory operates an independent security department responsible for management of all written work procedures. AML Israel participates in a large number of international security assurance programs known as Proficiency Testing. Specialization  AML Israel runs 2 laboratories, one being in Ramat Aviv Medical Center. AML Israel laboratories provide laboratory services which cover all clinical tests in the fields of biochemistry, hematology, blood clotting, blood bank, hormonal testing, immunology question serology (including AIDS tests), microbiology, cancer indicators, hormonal analysis, medication monitoring, virology, and more.  AML Israel – Developing innovative methods Since its inception and to date, the laboratory continues to develop cutting edge methods such as: free radicals / antioxidant tests, urine test to measure the effectiveness of aspirin, sensitivity to 200 food types, Helicobacter Pylori breath test, Luminex test for cytokines using the Multi-Plex method, PP-13 test to calculate levels of preeclampsia risk for pregnant clients. AML Israel serves private clients and a range of medical institutions, operates a central laboratory for clinical research for the Israeli pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and cooperates in these fields with large and important laboratories worldwide such as Labconnect, Labcorp Company, Synevo, Interlab, Eurfins-Medinet. ALM Israel also operates Israel’s largest private veterinary laboratory. Service, accuracy, quality 
  • Supplying services throughout the day to private clients and external organizations 
  • Ability to quickly move samples between locations and at any time
  • Fast results reports
  • Providing reliable professional services and fast, accurate results to doctors and patients 
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