The Ramat Aviv Medical Center runs a clinic devoted to attention deficit and concentration disorders, offering clients several treatment options.

Choosing to treat the issue is a personal decision. Treatment methods are numerous and diverse, and must be matched to the individual’s precise needs, personality and preferences.

Attention deficit disorders manifest when studying and in varied social situations, depending on the individual’s stage of development and the frameworks to which the child or mature adult belongs. 

Diagnosis is generally conducted on school age children, when typical traits of hyperactivity or its absence can also be more readily diagnosed.

ADD is characterized by short spans of concentration, excessive daydreaming, and higher sensitivity to stimuli.

Taken together, these elements create multiple diversions.

Children with ADD suffer from disrupted thinking processes and greater inability to make decision. They also find it harder to gain social and academic skills.

ADHD is an additional layer of complexity on the ADD range and is characterized by excessive activity, impulsive (and often aggressive) behaviors, difficulty in delaying gratification, and emotional swings that can shift between extremes such as hysterical laughing hard and crying hard.

These make the individual’s behavior inconsistent, causing interactions with the environment to become complex and frustrating.

The syndrome can be diagnosed in early infancy, especially aspects such as excessive reactions to stimuli: infants who display fussiness over changes in temperature, light, noise, etc.

Hyperactivity can also be diagnosed early, as can motor disquiet, or its opposite phenomenon, weakness or seeming fatigue; excessive need of sleep; and slower than average development. 

An evident characteristic in later life manifests as difficulty with organization, maintaining order, and upholding schedules.

These make it harder to complete tasks on time, and uphold promises. The short attention span may seemingly vanish if the activity is unusual and interesting rather than routine.

Interest in a task leads to improved persistence and performance.

Attention deficit disorders are highly common. Research indicates growing numbers of people affected by the disorder in recent years.

The accepted estimate is that from 3% to 7% of children are affected, whereas studies in the USA show a figure of around 20%.

Hyperactivity tends to be more common among boys, and girls may suffer more with ADD but since their behavior is, in general, less aggressive, they are diagnosed less commonly, and tend to forego academic and professional achievements.

The child is usually born with the disorder. 

The Ramat Aviv Medical Center operates its ADD / ADHD clinic and offers clients multiple treatment options.

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