Family medicine encompasses children and adults in all areas of general consultancy, referrals, discussion of test outcomes, the need for various tests, the meaning of their results, diseases and other medicine situations, treatment with medication, and more. 

The family physician views the family as a unit, since the individual patient is part of a whole, and part of the community in which she or he lives and functions.

Family medicine is a broad field linked to the individual’s physical and mental health.

Family medicine also deals with multiple health issues in a single patient, and the patient as a single unit experiencing multiple medical issues, rather than a patient with multiple unhealthy limbs or systems. This kind of integration also covers the field of psycho-emotional health and its impact on bodily diseases and disorders.

Family medicine is a fundamental field of primary meditation offered by the family physician, who specializes in common complaints and holds broad knowledge on all fields of medicine, health, and psycho-social fields.

Your family physician perceives the family and the community as a possible link to various illnesses. This approach defines the family physician’s work, which includes:
  • Treating common illnesses
  • Comprehensive and ongoing medical care
  • Health care at the individual, family and community levels
  • Responsibility towards health and illness with high level availability
  • Educating towards good health
  • Working with the consulting medical team

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