When a health problem is perceived as being hormonal, you'll be referred to an endocrine specialist. Hormonal imbalances are behind a wide range of medical issues. The endocrinologist’s real estate is to diagnose and treat the source and outcomes of hormonal imbalances.

The endocrinology clinic examines the various glands in our body which release the hormones that regulate many physical functions, from metabolism to breathing, growth to sexual reproduction, sensory perception and mobility.

Thyroxin is released by the thyroid gland, located in the throat. Adrenal glands are in the kidneys and release several types of hormones. The pituitary gland, in our brains, controls a large number of hormonal functions. Insulin is responsible for regulating blood sugar and is released by the pancreas. Ovaries and testicles also secrete various hormones.

A hormonal imbalance can lead to many different medical complexities. The endocrinologist’s specialization is to diagnose and treat hormonal imbalances and complications.

Medical problems treated by the endocrinology clinic are usually related to:
  • Pituitary gland in the brain
  • Diabetes
  • Bone density loss
  • Thyroid malfunction
  • Adrenal malfunction
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