The Ramat Aviv Medical Center runs a pre-operative assessment clinic where specialist anesthetists will check you prior to your surgical procedure.

As a patient about to undergo surgery, the anesthetist will explain the various sedation methods, complications, risks and the type of sedation best suited to your needs. The anesthetist will also discuss methods for alleviating post-surgery pain.
  • The patient is directed to the clinic by the surgeon
  • The assessment is by advance appointment
  • You must bring all medical documents related to your health and the pending surgery to your appointment with the anesthetist


Despite the procedure’s simplicity and safety, anesthesia, whether local or general, arouses anxiety and concerns in many patients, sometimes more so than the operation itself.

This is why we pay close attention to the sedation services provided by the Ramat Aviv Medical Center.

The clinic’s staff, which includes a specialist anesthetist and nurse, suggests the best sedation option for the patient’s needs: general, regional or local anesthesia. During your consultation, instructions will also be given concerning medicines and when to cease them prior to surgery (particularly regarding blood clot prevention such as Aspirin or Coumadin). 

The assessment has the following goals:
  • Familiarization with the patient’s medical background, the history of the illness, and a physical examination 
  • Study of any special tests (laboratory work, ECG, x-rays, etc)
  • A description of sedation methods with precise information
  • Answering questions to reduce the patient’s sense of stress
  •  Providing the patient with agreement forms prior to surgery or any invasive procedure
Your health and peace of mind are important to us. We are committed to doing all we can so that you feel confident that you're in the best hands. Any time you visit, our staff, from medical secretaries to technicians to specialist doctors, is happy to assist you professionally and with that personalized touch.

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