Please read the following information carefully before your planned surgery at the Ramat Aviv Medical Center 

Registration and reception:

Our center’s medical secretaries will register you on arrival and request the medical documents you were asked to prepare, including the referral signed by a physician, laboratory results, and any imaging results.

Payment arrangements and presentation of HMO (kupat holim) and / or private health insurance paperwork will be carried out on your arrival.
  • When registration procedures are complete you will be taken to the operating room’s reception nurse who will prepare you for surgery, according to the surgeon’s instructions.
  • Please leave all valuables, jewelry and cash in your home or with whomever is accompanying you. The Ramat Aviv Medical Center is not responsible in any way for their loss.

Recovery department 

You will be brought to the operating theater accompanied by an orderly in a wheelchair or gurney, depending on your situation. Following surgery, you will be transferred to the recovery department for care and follow-up.


Accompanying family members or others

The person accompanying you can stay with you up to the entrance to the recovery room, following which they can wait in the Ramat Aviv Medical Center’s various waiting areas. Patients cannot be visited in the recovery department.

Coordinate in advance with the department’s head nurse to stay with post-surgery children.
  • Transitional  care units
Transfer from recovery to transitional resting rooms is carried out only with the anesthetist’s authorization, following recovery from surgery and the client’s stabilization. Transitional rooms contain two beds. You can order a private room for additional payment. Due to high demand for private rooms, these need to be booked well in advance.
  • Sleeping next to post-surgery patients
Sleeping next to post surgery patients is forbidden. Sleeping next to post surgery children is allowed provided it has been coordinated in advance with the department’s nurse in charge.

  • Pre-operative instructions
On the morning of your surgical procedure, please come to the Ramat Aviv Medical Center in a fully fasting state (no food, no drink) from at least 8 hours prior to the time set for surgery, even if you are receiving only partial sedation, unless you have received instructions otherwise. 

Remove all nail polish and all makeup. 

Please do not use face or body creams of any kind.

Remove all jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and so on, and leave them at home.

Do not take aspirin or any other blood thinners. We recommend ceasing these at least two weeks prior to surgery and in accordance with the physician’s instructions.

Medication for blood pressure, hormonal treatments and heart medication can be taken on the morning of surgery with one teaspoon of water, or according to doctor’s instructions. If you take any medication regularly, please bring them with you.

Concerning any other medicine, please specifically consult with the doctor about taking it on the morning of surgery.

SMOKERS: please consult with your case physician.

Please ensure you have the necessary prescriptions for medication and bandages with you when you come for surgery. You will have received these from the doctor and staff. We recommend wearing very comfortable clothing and bringing easy to wear night apparel and any toiletries needed. If your surgery is on the facial area we recommend bringing a wide brimmed health, large sunglasses, and a scarf. Your doctor and staff are at your service 24/7.

Upholding these instructions with precision will ensure your fast recovery without complications.
  • Tests prior to surgery
Please carry out the pre-operative tests according to doctor’s instructions, and bring their results on the morning of surgery or to any pre-operative examinations set with the anesthetist.


Care staff

Your doctor follows up on you throughout your hospitalization, determines treatment procedures, and guides the medical and assistance staff. The assistance staff includes certified nurses with appropriate experience in all areas of their profession. Feel free to ask the assistance staff any questions.



It is absolutely prohibited to bring cellphones /mobile phones into the Ramat Aviv Medical Center operating area. They disrupt sensitive electronic medical equipment.


Visiting hours

To ensure that patients receive the conditions needed for recovery, we ask visitors to uphold the following visiting times:

Mornings:  08:00 – 13:00

Evenings:   16:00 – 21:00

Fridays, pre-Jewish festival days: 08:00 – 13:00


Food and beverages

Patients are offered dairy meals, served in your room. Cafés and restaurants can be found in the Ramat Aviv Mall.

Release from the Ramat Aviv Medical Center is coordinated by the surgeon.

Following the surgeon’s examination you will receive a letter summarizing the operation and a release form which, among other information, provides instructions for continued treatment, such as medications, follow-up tests, appropriate nutrition, etc.

Make sure that your various x-rays and images have been returned to you.

Removal of stitches and review: generally these take place some days after your release in the surgeon’s clinic, as necessary.


We wish you a speedy recovery.

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