At Ramat Aviv Medical Center we are committed to doing everything to make you feel you're in the best hands.

Our medical and assistive staff working in the operating theaters are comprised of certified employees with vast experience in all the necessary fields.  


When the patient arrives at the reception desk, she or he will be asked to present all medical documents including the referral, signed by the doctor; lab work; and images. Payment arrangements, presentation of the health fund commitment and insurance company’s commitment forms are conducted. The patient must also provide Israeli ID or a passport.  


When registration is complete the patient will be accompanied by a nurse to the reception room and readied for surgery in accordance with the type of procedure and the surgeon’s instructions.  

Operating theater

On being called for surgery, the patient will be accompanied to the operating room by an orderly in a wheelchair or on a gurney, depending on the patient’s circumstances. With surgery complete, the patient will be transferred to the recovery rooms for treatment and follow-up.  

Family and escorts

The patient can be accompanied up to the recovery room’s entrance. Thereafter, escorts must wait in the Ramat Aviv Medical Center lounges. Please avoid bringing children (who are not scheduled for surgery) to the waiting areas. Patients cannot be visited in the recovery rooms. Only one person may stay with the patient after coordinating with the department’s head nurse.  

Transitional resting rooms (hospitalization)

Transferring the patient from recovery rooms to transitional resting rooms only occurs once the patient has fully recovered from surgery and is in a stable condition. The anesthetist is the only specialist able to decide when to transfer the patient. Recovery rooms contain two beds. Private rooms are available by advance booking for an additional fee. Sleeping next to post-operative patients is prohibited!  Sleeping next to children under 18 years old may be allowed if coordinated in advance.  

Medical and assistive staff

Our medical and assistive staff are fully certified and experienced in all relevant fields. Please be in touch with the nursing staff regarding any questions your patient may have regarding hospitalization. To ensure patients receive sufficient rest we request that visiting hours are strictly adhered to: Sun. – Thurs. 10:00 to 12:30  and 18:00 to 20:00  Fridays, eve of Jewish festivals: 10:00 to 12:30

Food and beverages

Patients are offered varied dairy meals, served in their rooms. NO FOOD CAN BE BROUGHT INTO THE RAMAT AVIV MEDICAL CENTER!  At registration and reception the patient MUST inform the medical secretary of any medical issues that may require adjusted food requirements, such as diabetes, celiac, allergies etc. Visitors and escorts can make use of the cafés and restaurants in the Ramat Aviv Mall.  


A patient’s release from the Ramat Aviv Medical Center is provided by the surgeon.  

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