At the Ramat Aviv Medical Center you can rent professional, advanced and updated consultancy and treatment rooms.

These rooms allow you to provide your patients with the best, most professional care possible in a calm, pleasant atmosphere.

The Ramat Aviv Medical Center includes four operating theaters accessorized with state of the art equipment for diverse types of surgical procedures.

Our services include:
  • Advanced digitized services allowing you to maintain optimally updated medical data
  • Professional medical and assistive staff working under the medical management’s close supervision
  • LED lighting: cold lighting that enables uniform spread of light and prevents disrupting shadows above the area under surgical procedure
  • Efficient smart equipment in accordance with the type of surgery
  • A broad range of implants from leading companies in Israel and abroad
  • Patient follow-up and monitoring by the specialist anesthetist, and close supervision by the assistive staff
  • Sedation adapted to patient’s needs
  • Precision instructions from the medical staff relative to the patient’s needs and type of surgical procedure
  • Hosting services in stylized, spacious private or 2-person rooms 
  • Quality meal services
  • Full availability and responses to patients’ needs and questions pre and post surgery 
  Ramat Aviv Medical Center is open  Sun. – Thurs. 08:00 – 21:00 Fri. 08:00 – 12:00 The Ramat Aviv Medical Center provides doctors with secretarial services including setting and managing appointments. At Ramat Aviv Medical Center we do everything possible to ensure your needs as a doctor are taken care of in the most professional way, to ensure your patients a calm, pleasant, personalized experience. Coordinate an introductory meeting with: Ina Gatsenger, head of clinics: 03-640-1259 Larissa Zelcer, marketing manager: 03-640-1283 Tami Avneri, administrative offices: 03-640-1211

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